Disaster response aims to provide immediate assistance to support the affected population of an area hit by disaster and consists of warning/evacuation, search and rescue, assessing damage, and the immediate restoration of infrastructure. As disaster response experts, Florida Disaster Consulting’s response services include the following:

Emergency Operations Center Management

As a central command control post formed in the face of a disaster, the Emergency Operations Center provides the overarching, “big picture” strategy. FDC provides management services for the entire Emergency Operations Center (EOC), ensuring emergency preparedness, emergency/disaster management, and continuity of operation within a jurisdiction.

Logistics Management

Once a disaster occurs, the immediate delivery of aid to the affected community requires effective, efficient management. FDC provides management services that prioritize the improvement of operations through emergency logistics and the supply chain.

Disaster Documentation

The disaster recovery/continuity of business process encompasses many different activities, including disaster recovery documentation. Keeping track of all required documentation can be overwhelming. FDC understands best practices for the organization of this documentation and can implement strategies for ensuring that all documentation stays up-to-date.

Staff Augmentation

Oftentimes, in the face of a disaster, communities are so affected that their Emergency Operations Center is unable to provide sufficient support to fully meet their needs and requires supplemental staff. Each team member of FDC has extensive state and local emergency management experience that allows us to recognize the needs of a community hit by a disaster and immediately provide skilled people to assist in response and recovery services.

Debris Program Management

Debris removal operations generally occur in two phases—initial debris clearance and further debris removal. Initial debris clearance is necessary to eliminate immediate safety threats, such as debris on emergency access roads, while ongoing debris removal activities are required throughout the recovery process. FDC can manage both the short-term and long-term processes, ensuring debris removal remains safe and economical throughout.

Home Inspections

For homeowners, the approval process for the qualification of disaster grants begins with a home inspection. FDC can conduct inspections to survey damaged and destroyed homes designated for federal disaster assistance. This provides homeowners the opportunity to become eligible for grants to help pay for interim housing, home repairs, and other disaster-related expenses.