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We pride ourselves on the ability to properly serve our clients. Below is a small sampling of our past projects which encompass an array of our services:


2011 Tornadoes

Florida Disaster Consulting (FDC) was contracted to perform state Public Assistance (PA) duties for the Alabama Emergency Management Agency following the 2011 tornadoes. Our staff successfully advised the client on debris operations, developed project worksheets for sub-applicants, developed mitigation applications, and performed state close-out duties.

FDC was also contracted to advise the city of Hanceville on the FEMA Public Assistance (PA) Program and the Federal Highway Administration Emergency Relief Program reimbursement processes — specifically FEMA category A, B, and volunteer resource issues. Our staff ensured the city’s financial team developed and retained proper documentation and provided debris monitor training to the city’s maintenance staff.


FDC was contracted to provide technical specialists with varying skills, knowledge, licensing, certifications, and expertise necessary to respond to public assistance emergencies within the state of Alaska — specifically for the Department of Military & Veterans Affairs, Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Management Services when responding to the immediate recovery efforts of a disaster.


2013 Storms and Flooding

FDC was contracted to process sub-applicants’ requests for reimbursement, evaluate cost overruns, carry out procurement procedures, and contract structures through our financial analysts. FDC also performed reviews of project worksheet scopes and cost estimating factors, as well as closeout tasks on projects resulting from the 2013 severe storms, flooding, landslides, and mudslides for the State of Colorado Office of Emergency Management.


Tropical Storm Debby

FDC was contracted to perform state Public Assistance (PA) duties for Tropical Storm Debby. FDC staff administered FEMA PA grants to sub-applicants throughout the state. Duties included preparing for and hosting applicant briefings and kickoff meetings, performing site visits, as well as gathering necessary documentation and preparation work for project worksheets.

Hurricanes Rita and Wilma

Our staff was contracted to perform state closeout duties on all large project worksheets for Hurricanes Rita and Wilma in South Florida. FDC’s staff worked directly with sub-applicants preparing documentation, coordinating FEMA reviews, and making final eligibility determinations before audit.

We performed statewide residential and commercial building inspections that determined the eligibility of existing mitigation credits. These credits determined homeowner and business insurance rates set by Citizens Insurance Corporation.

FDC was contracted to perform debris operations management duties for the Florida Department of Transportation D7 pre-event debris removal contract. Under this responsibility, FDC ensured that contractors and the Department of Transportation staff would properly document all debris operations for federal reimbursement purposes.

FDC was contracted to write a continuity of operations and emergency management plan for CSR Professional Services, Inc., a Florida corporation that provides data breach reporting services.


Hurricane Isaac

FDC was contracted to perform project administration and QA/QC services in Plaquemines Parish. FDC’s duties included invoicing reconciliation, landfill negotiations, assisting with permitting issues, certifying payment to subcontractors, and tracking the daily workload. This project was for removal of over one million cubic yards of debris.


Hurricane Sandy

FDC was contracted to advise Ocean City and their Debris Contractor, Byrd Brothers Emergency Services, on the FEMA reimbursement process in response to Hurricane Sandy. Through ongoing consulting, FDC worked to ensure the proper FEMA documentation was developed and retained, and developed specialized monitor training to teach proper FEMA-approved monitoring procedures to Ocean City staff after Hurricane Sandy.

We provided public assistance services for Ocean County, Long Beach Township, and Beach Haven Township. Under this contract, we were responsible for developing project worksheets, 406 mitigation improvements, as well as alternate and improved projects. FDC also provided a team of 404 Mitigation staff to assist in the application process post-Hurricane Sandy.

FDC was also contracted to provide QA/QC staff to perform invoice reconciliation services on Ocean County’s PPDR contracts with various contractors.

Under a sub-contract with the State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Agency, FDC provided waterway debris monitoring services for over 82 miles of coastline, rivers, lakes, and wetland debris. Tasks included removal operations and required report development for reimbursement after Hurricane Sandy.

FDC was contracted to provide request for reimbursement and closeout expertise to T and M Engineers Inc. Required tasks included organizing and uploading closeout quality backup documentation to the state's Emergency Management grants website, advisement on requests for other grant funds, preparation of building defensible closeout documents, and creation of documents to withstand Federal Office of the Inspector General Audits.


Hurricane Sandy

Our experts at FDC were contracted to provide subject matter experts for debris management and 404 Mitigation activities for the State of New York’s Office of Emergency Management in response to Hurricane Sandy.

FDC was also individually contracted to provide debris monitoring services for the New York Institute of Technology college campus in response to damages caused by Hurricane Sandy.


2011 Tornadoes

FDC was contracted in response to the April 2011 tornadoes by the North Carolina Department of Transportation and their debris contractor, Byrd Brothers Emergency Services, in regards to the FEMA and FHWA ER debris reimbursement process.

We also advised Lee County and Johnston County on the federal reimbursement process, ensured proper FEMA and FHWA documentation was developed and retained, and provided monitor training information to county staff.

Our experts consulted with the City of Pine Knoll Shores officials to explain the FEMA public assistance process, specifically, Category A and B issues, as well as managed debris operations to ensure proper documentation was developed and retained. FDC also provided monitor training to the city’s fire department staff.


Hurricane Ike

FDC was contracted to review all project worksheets written by FEMA staff for Tyler County after Hurricane Ike, as well as review Category A Project Worksheets and identified any additional funding available. As a result, FDC worked to recover an additional $2,000,000 of funding for the County.

Hurricane Dolly

South Padre Island sub-contracted FDC to review all project worksheets written by FEMA staff for Hurricane Ike and Dolly. FDC reviewed, identified, and coordinated FEMA Public Assistance grants, FHWA ER funds, and insurance proceeds. Additionally, FDC sought further funding opportunities from each agency for the client.


FDC is currently contracted to perform mass care/DRC management duties for the FEMA Individual Assistance — Mass Care Bravo Sector contract. Under this contract, we are responsible for Disaster Recovery Center management and operations, as well as other mass care duties. Bravo Sector is comprised of nine states, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.


FDC is currently contracted to perform QA/QC services for Ceres Environmental on all PPDR, Waterway, and ROW debris removal operations Our experts provide training to various staff of governmental agencies in the region.