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About Us
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Created in 2008 by Ron Anderson, Florida Disaster Consulting (FDC) aids organizations in navigating disasters and securing federal resources through guidance and support in preparation, response, recovery, and rebuilding.

Our team equips you to face a disastrous event with intentionality, purpose, and confidence. We work on your behalf, providing expertise in planning, knowledge in disaster management, and a deep familiarity with the federal recovery process. Not only do you approach a disaster with a calculated plan, but you’ll traverse it with ease and emerge from it stronger.

Understanding federal requirements and tapping disaster assistance resources can be stressful and confusing. FDC balances the mechanics with agility, assisting to find and secure any and all available federal funds.

We are motivated by our genuine care for people and desire to help. No matter the situation, we work on a personal level and look out for your best interests over our own, every time.

Disasters are, by nature, unpredictable. Our resourceful, realist approach to problem-solving helps you conquer the unexpected and come out on top.

Who We Help

  • State, local, and municipal government agencies
  • Private businesses
  • Nonprofit groups

About Ron Anderson

Prior to creating Florida Disaster Consulting (FDC) in 2008, Ron Anderson worked as a state of Florida official for 28 years. He was involved in the administration of the FEMA and FHWA disaster programs for over 25 federally-declared events. With this knowledge, Ron has been successful in creating a company that offers a contracting alternative for federal, state, and local agencies, as well as other consulting firms involved in disaster management projects.

About Our Staff

With consultants located throughout the U.S., our team has served in leadership and technical support roles with federal agencies, state agencies, local governments, and private nonprofits tasked with recovering from and mitigating against disasters. This extensive state and local emergency management experience allows us to recognize your needs and provide comprehensive pre-disaster planning and post-disaster response and recovery services.

Our team brings varying skills, knowledge, licensing, certification, and expertise to each job we perform. This provides flexibility to customize our services to satisfy any and all project requirements, and direct resources for unexpected or additional service needs and the management capabilities expected of us.